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Choosing the Safe Skincare and Medicine Carefully Traditional medicine. (Photo: IST/ Wednesday, 24 July 2019

TIMESPASURUAN, JAKARTA – The variety of traditional medicine and cosmetics keeps increasing. However, some of them are illegal and their safety is not guaranteed.

That’s why, BPOM (The National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Republic of Indonesia) encourages the society to be wise and careful in choosing the safe traditional medicine and safe cosmetics.

The Head of BPOM, Penny K. Lukito, said that the society needs more information so that they will not use the products that may contain harmful substances, especially the ones who are illegally distributed.

Currently, the distribution of illegal cosmetics are increasing in numbers. This is caused by the high demand, especially women who want to buy skincare with a low price.

Moreover, traditional medicine is also high in demand, as it is considered to be safer and it has no side effects. However, most people still do not know about the safety of that kind of medicine.

The society is encouraged to be more careful in choosing the safe skincare and medical products. Therefore, we can avoid the bad effects caused by the harmful skincare and medicine. (*)

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